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Our Mission Statement

“Our mission statement is to create and maintain a professional environment that is devoted to protecting the possessions of the clientele we serve. Meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations through our commitment to excellence in technical education, communication, innovation, and integrity, is the philosophy we live by.”

– William Thresher

Thresher Piano Movers was founded in 1999 as a specialty moving and storage company in Highland, UT. Over the past 20 years we’ve worked hard to prove our reputation for excellence by offering essential services that run-of-the-mill moving companies just don’t.

Today, our clients know they can turn to us for complete moving services for all their specialty items, as well as climate-controlled storage options.

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Experts in Delicate Material Moves

With more than 20 years of professional moving service in Highland, UT behind us, we know a thing or two about safe handling of materials and what needs to be done to preserve item integrity throughout a move. It’s why we’ve chosen to focus exclusively on delicate materials!

Each year we help ease the trepidation and anxiety of customers with sensitive items by moving them safely, no matter where they’re going. In fact, we move about 1,800 pianos each year and moved an astounding 3,500 just in 2017! Pianos aren’t all we move, either. Customers call us for all of the following:

Never Sacrificing Safety

Because we specialize in moving items that other companies aren’t equipped to handle, we’ve distinguished ourselves in the level of care we take when moving. The safety of your items and our crew are paramount at all times. We’re a specialty mover that takes all of the precaution of a heavy equipment moving company in Highland, UT!

Every item is blanket protected throughout the move, with padding properly secured to preserve the integrity of whatever we’re handling. We even offer crating and uncrating if necessary! Need your item disassembled and reassembled after the move? We do that too. Count on our teams to always go the extra mile when it comes to safely getting your items from point A to point B.

Working Quickly, With Precision

Specialty Moving ServicesWith crews that are ready in just a couple of hours, we aim to answer the call for moving services whenever you might need us. What’s more, we operate with quickness, without ever compromising the integrity of your items. You’ll be astounded at how fast we get your piano, antiques, art or other items properly secured, loaded and on the road!

If you have specialty moving needs and want the confidence and peace of mind that comes with a reputable, experienced company, Thresher Piano Movers is the only call you’ll ever need to make.

Let us provide you with top-notch moving services, no matter what the delicate nature of your items. Call us today at 801-373-0888.