Moving Specials & Discounts in Highland, UT

Let’s face it, specialty moving services in Highland, UT aren’t always cheap. They require expertise and extra logistics to make sure they’re executed properly, which can mean added costs. At Thresher Piano Movers, we strive to keep costs as low as possible for our clients, which means offering specials and deals whenever we can. Our discounts are revolving and change all the time, so keep checking back to see what’s currently available and how it can help you save money.

These specials and discounts are brought to you by your specialty moving company! We’re dedicated to providing maximum value to you!

Receive 5% off a local piano move

“Receive 5% off a local piano move when presenting this coupon and paying in cash. This coupon is valid for upright and baby grand pianos only. The move cannot exceed more than 10 steps, travel greater than 20 miles, and cannot contain any tight corners, or the coupon is not valid. We define a tight corner as positioning a piano on its end or finagling a situation that is out of the ordinary.”