Storage Services in Highland, UT

Moving items doesn’t always involve taking them right to the final destination—sometimes, storage is needed as a temporary solution. Thresher Piano Movers is pleased to provide storage solutions for customers with sensitive items.

From fine art to instrument storage in Highland, UT, we’ll make sure your belongings stay safe and secure for as long as you need us to manage them.

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Climate-Controlled Storage

storageBecause we deal with items of a delicate nature, we take care to provide a higher caliber storage solution. More than just a general storage space, count on us for climate controlled storage in Highland, UT.

We’ll keep the temperature, humidity and general climate of the storage space consistent at all times, preventing any unforeseen factors from affecting the integrity of your items. This is ideal for art, fine furniture, instruments and many more items.

Daily Rental Rates

Often, the need for storage is only temporary. You may not need storage for more than a day or two, just to tide your items over until they’re ready to be moved into their final space. Unfortunately, most other storage facilities charge by the month for things like organ and piano storage in Highland, UT. Not us! We offer affordable daily rates that give you control over how long you need storage. What’s more, our rates are affordable and honest, so you always know how much you’re paying upfront.

Safe, Secure Storage

secure storageJust like we do while we’re moving your items, we also store them with the utmost care and attention. Each item is properly blanketed and secured in storage, with padding in place to prevent incidental damage.

You won’t find mystery damages or odd abrasions anywhere on your belongings once they’re moved out of storage—we take care to maintain the full integrity of everything in our care.

Need storage for your items before they can be moved?

Thresher Piano Movers gives you the peace of mind that comes with a climate-controlled unit and reasonable rental rates. Contact us today at 801-373-0888 for more information about our storage solutions.

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