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The Three Steps of Professional Safe Moving

August 10, 2018

Homeowners who own a safe know the day will inevitably come when the safe will need to be moved. This could be to a different spot within same room, or to an entirely new house. When that time comes, you will be faced with the challenge of figuring out how to move the safe without hurting yourself, damaging the surrounding space or harming the safe. Moving a safe isn’t an easy task, though. A homeowner can’t just lug it through the house and onto the back of a truck themselves, as many safes weigh up to 600 pounds! The only... View Article

Who Should Pay for Moving Services When Purchasing a Used Piano?

July 27, 2018

Are you considering buying a piano? A piano is a wonderful addition to the home of either an experienced pianist or a parent introducing a young child to the magic of music for the first time. It’s easier than ever to find a high quality new or used piano. Dealers will offer new pianos from the biggest brand names, while online sites and thrift stores carry beloved used instruments at more competitive prices. But a new baby grand piano isn’t a purchase you can just load up into the back of the truck. Transporting a piano is a tricky task... View Article

The Dos and Don’ts of Piano Moving and Storage

July 11, 2018

Have you ever tried to move a piano? Do you need to store a piano for the short or long term? These situations require special attention. They involve knowledge and equipment not required for other types of moving and storage needs. For piano moving and piano storage in Highland, UT, you need professionals. These experts will know how to properly treat your piano during transit and storage. They understand and employ the following dos and don’ts of piano moving in Highland, UT. If you need to move or store your piano, use this list to avoid damage and disappointment. Do... View Article

Questions to Ask Before Hiring Professional Piano Movers in Highland, UT

June 27, 2018

Moving boxes is one thing—moving a piano is an entirely different process. Professional piano movers know this. If you need to relocate your upright, baby grand or grand piano, you need professional piano movers in Highland, UT to do the job. They offer the knowledge and equipment necessary for a safe and sound move. But how do you know whom to trust with your treasured instrument? It’s likely you’ve invested a lot in your piano, and you don’t want to put it in just anyone’s hands. Before you hire a piano mover, ask the following questions to determine if they... View Article

Benefits of Hiring Professional Piano Movers in Highland, UT

June 15, 2018

If you own a piano, you know just how precious of an item it is. Beautiful and grand, pianos can make a statement in a room, are big investments and can last for generations. Unfortunately, a piano is also often large and quite difficult to move, which makes relocating it a challenge if you’re moving to a new home or selling it to someone else. In order to preserve your piano’s beauty, it’s best to leave moving it to the experts. Professional piano movers in Highland, UT know exactly how to get your precious instrument from point A to point... View Article